Cyber Security Live Chat Tutor Support

Cyber Security Live Chat Tutor Support
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Cyber security is a big topic in the modern age due to the amount of malicious attacks that are carried out daily. Cybercriminals are finding more ways to compromise a networks security and it is our duty to make sure that we stay protected.

A selection of our cyber security courses now have Live Chat Tutor Support available with them in the shape of on-demand assistance from a certified IT security expert. The Live Tutor Support can be added when you sign up to the course as an optional extra, it is highly recommended due to the instant nature and in-depth help you can receive throughout your course access.

There is also supplementary email support available for more complex questions that need answers with extra detail, with Expert’s Screen Share which provides you with a view of your designated expert’s screen for live demonstrations, instructions and guidance.

  • Expert help as you work your way through any potential issues you come across.
  • No technical jargon to save on confusion when working through problems.
  • Job-ready skills alongside knowledge that you can instantly put to work.

Why Choose Live Tutor Support

Live Chat – Instant chat talk to a tutor instantly - there is no sending an email and waiting for a response or waiting in a queue for hours on the phone, your Tutor is ready and waiting to support you.

12 months Unlimited access for one low fee, no matter how many times you need us (Your Tutor) you only pay one flat fee for this Unlimited anytime access service.

Having Live Tutor Support keeps you focused on what matters and helps reduce the frustration and confusion that can often lead to course abandonment. This helps you increase your learning experience and satisfaction upon completion as you get the greatest value from your course – and the greatest return on your expectations!

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