Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Exam

Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Exam
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Prove basic understanding of Six Sigma process improvement methodologies with the Six Sigma Yellow Belt exam from IASSC. Intended specifically for analysts and engineers working as part of a process improvement team, the Yellow Belt exam is intended for students who have already completed the basic Yellow Belt Six Sigma training course and who have a basic understanding of the framework principles. The exam is best suited to:

  • Employees who are working as part of a Six Sigma project team and who need to earn qualifications that demonstrate their knowledge of the Six Sigma methodology.
  • Process managers and operations managers who need to cross-train to learn Six Sigma techniques.
  • Employees responsible for implementing Six Sigma-driven processes and improvements.
  • Process improvement consultants who will need to work with client teams using a Six Sigma framework.
  • Project or process professionals looking to re-skill or move into a new career in process improvement.

In order to pass the examination candidates will need to have completed the preliminary Six Sigma study and be fully familiar with the principles outlined in the D-M-A phases of Yellow Belt framework.

Key Learning Points

The Six Sigma Yellow Belt exam consists of 60 questions set over the course of one-and-a-half hours by a dedicated invigilator. Students will have their knowledge of the basic Six Sigma process improvement methodologies tested to ensure that they fully understand the early stages of the process improvement lifecycle and how Six Sigma techniques are applied to build a continuous improvement program.

Candidates are tested on the contents of the ILSSBOK for Yellow Belts document, with 20 multiple choice questions on each of the three sections. In this way students sitting the exam will be tested on their understanding of the Six Sigma methodology at Yellow Belt level.

Advantages of this course

After successfully scoring at least 230 points out of the available 300, candidates will get instant confirmation of obtaining the professional designation of IASSC Certified Yellow Belt (ICYB). Armed with the IASSC Certified Yellow Belt certificate, students will:

  • Be able to actively participate in process improvement programs within their organisation that use lean Six Sigma.
  • Perform better within process improvement programs, playing their part in raising standards across their company.
  • Be able to provide basic process improvement consultancy services to third parties.
  • Be prepared to take their studies further, working towards a higher-level Six Sigma designation including Green or Black Belt level.

Professionals achieving the ICYB designation will immediately open new employment prospects, from increased responsibility at work, to internal promotions to new opportunities in process improvement at other organisations. The IASSC Six Sigma Yellow Belt examination administered by us is the first step towards realising these new opportunities.

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