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About The Trust Bridge

The Trust Bridge™ offers you a range of professional, industry-recognised training courses for Data Privacy, including GDPR, CCPA, PECR and linked e-privacy laws. These courses have been developed to ensure delegates looking for career in this industry (or those who are already working in Data Privacy roles but require certifications), receive ample training, which is compliant and secure. 

The Trust Bridge are responsible for guiding businesses through an alignment process, which will help them to manage data and personal information in the correct way, aligning with data privacy laws. Their mission is to provide businesses with high quality advice and practical solutions to build trusted services for their customers.

The author of the Data Breach Course, David Clarke, is a, industry renowned expert in the GDPR industry, with a LinkedIn GDPR group exceeding 20,000 members, and a Twitter following of over 97,000 followers.

David has won many awards and been recognised by many influential groups and publications over the years, including:

  •  Entry in the Who’s Who in Cybersecurity 2020.
  •  Top 100 Global Thought Leaders and Influencers to follow on Social Media 2020.
  •  Top Privacy and Thought Leader Thinkers360 2020.
  •  Top 20 Global Tech Influencers by Thinkers360 2020.
  •  Telensa top 50 Smart City influencers 2019.
  •  Thinkers360 Cybersecurity June 2019 (#2).
  •  Top 50 Global Expert Kingston Technology 2018.
  •  Top 30 Thomson Reuters top influencers in Risk, Compliance, RegTech (#9) 2017.
  •  Top 50 Thought Leaders on BYOD IoT (#37) 2017.
  •  Top 100 Influencers and Brands BigData (#86) 2017.
  •  Top 100 Social Media experts to follow on Twitter (#59) 2016.
  •  Top 50 Thought Leaders on BYOD (#44) 2014.
  •  Top 100 Influencers, Brands, and Publications IoT.


Earn internationally-recognised qualifications – As an internationally-recognised Awarding Body, The Trust Bridge are well respected in the industry and offer excellent courses for those interested in improving the way their organisation handles Data Privacy. Through these courses, you will learn the latest Data Protection techniques.

Advance your Data Protection career – These certifications are held in high regard by employers, and as such, earning your certifications with The Trust Bridge will help you work towards a career in this industry.

Flexibility – Our courses are all available either via Virtual Classroom, or through our online training platform. Either option would suit those who are looking to study with greater flexibility, around other home, or work commitments.

Career Opportunities

In 2018, GDPR was first introduced across Europe and adopted by the UK under the Data Protection Act. Other countries have also developed independent Data Protection regulations based on the original GDPR template.

If you work with personal data, or are considering a career in this sector, the below range of Data Protection courses will benefit your career journey. After you have earned your Data Protection certifications, you can apply for a range of Data Management jobs, such as:

  •  Risk Officer
  •  Data Protection Controller
  •  Data Protection Processor
  •  Data Protection Officer

Data Protection related courses would also suit those individuals currently in Marketing and who want to ensure they are handing personal customers data in accordance with GDPR guidelines.

Which certification?

The Trust Bridge offers a few different Data Privacy courses, including:

How to get certified

Interested in a career in Data Protection? Speak to one of our Course Consultants today to find out more about your training options and how to get started.